The 10th Annual Developmental Disabilities Public Policy Conference
Hosted by The Arc and UCP California Collaboration
Sunday March 26 through Tuesday March 28, 2017

Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza Hotel
300 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814 

2017 Conference Hotel Location

Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza

300 J Street,
Sacramento, CA 95814
The Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza is located right across the street from  "Old Sacramento." This historic landmark district, themed around the California Gold Rush, features shopping, dining and more. It's about a 20 minute walk to the state capitol building.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Missed the 9th Annual Developmental Disabilities Public Policy Conference or you just want to watch some of your favorite speakers again?  Great, you can now attend the conference virtually on this site.  Below you'll find all the video presentations of the speakers, their PowerPoint and extra documents (if they had them), and plenty of photos from the event. Skimmed through the FINAL PROGRAM - MARCH 2, 2016 for more details.
Sunday March 6, 2016 
8:45 am to 12:00 pm
The conference kicks off with a presentation from a panel of Lanterman Coalition members on the "10 Campaign". 

Then get ready part two of last year's policy presentation on the new HCBS settings rules set by the Center for MediCaid and MediCare Services (CMS).  Laura Brackin, Ph.D. is back by popular demand to expand the conversation to focus on the important role of Person Centered Planning in the new rules with her talk "It's All About the Person: What CMS HCBS Rule is Really About."  Dr. Brackin is the former state chapter Executive Director for The Arc of Louisiana, and former Director of the Louisiana Department of Developmental Services.

Peter Berns, CEO The Arc US
Peter Berns, CEO The Arc US
Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc of the United States, will give us an overview of the national policy issues impacting our community and will highlight several of the important national initiatives The Arc is engaged in to advance these policy issues.  If you get a chance to chat with him make sure you do, he's great national leader for The Arc and our community as a whole.

The Arc and UCP California Collaboration will be recognizing Senator Marty Block for carrying Senate Bill 589 for us last to strengthen voting rights specifically for people with developmental disabilities.  Last year Tom Coleman of the Spectrum Center identified a pervasive denial of voting rights access for people with developmental disabilities who were conserved.  Even though they maintained their right to vote it was being assumed they could vote.  Senator Block's SB 589 was signed by Governor Brown and become law.  Be sure to join us in thanking Senator Block for preserving access to democracy for people with developmental disabilities.     
Sunday March 6, 2016
12 pm to 1:30 pm
Get your lunch and enjoy the program which features Emily Travis, renown inspiring speaker, living with FASD.  "Through my eyes, and from my heart, I lead the audience through the day to day of what it means to live with an FASD. This, despite what may appear to be a looming prognosis; does not mean strategy does not exist. With an external brain, and because of divine intervention, through my weakness shines hope."
Sunday March 6, 2016
1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
After lunch we'll start with a presentation by Marie Poulsen, Ph.D. of the USC UCED, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, whose "work focuses on building resilience in infants and young children at risk due to biological and psychosocial circumstances" and much more.  She will give us an update on Early Start policy and in particular California's Crisis in Social Emotional Development. Next Ann Kuhns, of the California Children's Hospital Association, will provide an update on transition of California Children Services (CCS).

The next topic covered will be health policy where Dr. Clarissa Kripke, Director, Office of Developmental Primary Care, University of California, San Francisco will talk about "How Families, Providers, and Self-Advocates Can Ensure Quality Health Care Outcomes for People with Developmental Disabilities. 

Barbara Merrill, CEO ANCOR 
Barbara Merrill, CEO ANCOR
Barbara Merrill, Executive Director of the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) will then talk about our national crisis for our direct support professional workforce and other national initiatives of the provider network.

Robin Shaffert, The Arc US and Robin Jordan, Dept of Aging
Robin Shaffert, The Arc US and Robin Jordan, Dept of Aging
Our next session will touch on the cross roads of developmental disabilities and senior issues.  Robin Jordan from the Department of Aging will explain California's emerging resource for seniors and people with disabilities called the "Aging and Disability Resource Connection" and Robin Shaffert Senior Executive Officer, Individual and Family Support, Center for Future Planning of The Arc United States will talk about our newest endeavor for Future Planning and efforts to bridge the gap between developmental services and aging services.

Sunday March 6, 2016
California Sibling Network
California Sibling Network
To close the first day, just prior to our awards ceremony we were very lucky to have four great young leaders from the California Sibling Leadership Network (CSLN).

On Behalf of The Arc California and the United Cerebral Palsy Affiliates in California it is our honor to recognize our
awardees with our "Town Criers Media Award". The purpose of this award is to recognize "meaningful media coverage that changes society in a way that helps people with developmental disabilities and their families."  During tonight's award reception we will recognize Mark Melanson (of ToolWorks), President of the California Supported Living Network for his advocacy contributions through Twitter and social media,Marty Omoto for his tireless and timely policy reporting, and finally to the team at the Los Angeles News Group for their persistent and influential reporting that spread throughout the state and inspired others to report on the deteriorating condition of the developmental services system.
Monday March 7, 2016

Have breakfast with your friends and join us first thing Monday morning at 8:45 am as The Arc California President Dick Fitzmaurice kicks off the morning with an overview then we go right into the policy conversations.

One of our favorite repeat presenters, Scott Graves, the Director of Research at the California Budget and Policy Center, will kick off the morning policy discussions with the current state of the 2016-2017 State Budget.  Mr. Graves is consistently ranked as one of our top speakers for the conference.  The audience finds him easy to understand though he speaks on complex policy issues.

Next Eileen Richey, Executive Director of the Association of Regional Center Agencies will be presenting on the latest from their report "On the Brink" describing a system on the brink of collapse and recommendations for moving forward. 

Amy Wall, Dept. of Developmental Services, Assistant Director Developmental Center Closures, will follow giving us an update on California's planning for closing the developmental centers.

Updates on Employment for People with Disabilities
Updates on Employment for People with Disabilities
To end the morning sessions we have a update and discussion on the major changes and developments related to work for people with disabilities by Joe Xavier, the Director of the Department of Rehabilitation.  Mr. Xavier is truly an inspirational leader for our community and focused on improving employment outcomes for all people with disabilities in California.  In addition to Mr. Xavier, state official from the Department of Developmental Services and CA Department of Education may join in on the conversation especially related to their joint efforts on the "Blue Print" to improving work.

Senator Jim Beall addresses the advocates...
Senator Jim Beall addresses the advocates...
Special guest Senator Jim Beall will also be stopping by to address the advocates, thank them for their advocacy and talk about upcoming issues impacting our community such as affordable and accessible housing. 
Monday March 7, 2016

Lunch Keynote: Diana Dooley, Secretary of Health and Human Services
Lunch Keynote: Diana Dooley, Secretary of Health and Human Services
Our keynote lunch speaker is Secretary of Health and Human Services, Diana Dooley.  Secretary Dooley has been one of the most involved Secretaries in California recent history in developmental services.  As the state came to an impasse with its community advocates regarding the developmental centers, Secretary Dooley intervened and created a task force to look at the issues and eventual the Governor made a bold declaration to close our institutions.  Next Secretary Dooley moved forward with another task force to look at the future of developmental services in the community and today has set forth a plan to work on the rate structure of community service providers.  This may sound surprising for an Agency Secretary to be so involved in developmental services until you realize that she too is a family member from our community.  Join us for this special lunch keynote with Diana Dooley our Secretary of health and Human Services.

Monday March 7, 2017

After lunch our first panel will be focused on Federal Efforts on What Makes a Strong Community featuring Aaron Bishop, Commissioner, United States Administration on Community Living.  Mr. Bishop will touch on a variety of topics such as HCBS rule, In-Home Support Services: Personal Care Services and Overtime Regulations, Employment: Competitive Integrated Employment, and the California Developmental Disabilities Act Partners will add to conversation from the state perspective.  
Catherine Blakemore, JD, Executive Director, Disability Rights California
Aaron Carruthers, Executive Director, State Council on Developmental Disabilities
Teresa Favuzzi, MSW, Executive Director, California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
Liz Pazdral, Executive Director, California State Independent Living Council

University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities:
Robin Hansen, MD, Director, Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, MIND Institute, University of California, Davis
Olivia Raynor, Ph.D., Director, Tarjan Center, University of California, Los Angeles
Barbara Wheeler, Ph.D., Associate Director, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, University of Southern California
Monday March 7, 2016

The second afternoon panel will focus on issues related to the state's efforts in meeting the Olmstead decision principles  and Long-Term Services and Supports.   
Panelist Include:
Olmstead Advisory Committee to Secretary Dooley: Brenda Premo (Western University of Health Services), Chair, Olmstead Committee
In-Home Supportive Services: Deborah Doctor,
Disability Rights California
Supported Living Services in California: Jacquie Dillard-Foss (STEP),
California Supported Living Network, 
Group Living: Boyd Bradshaw, California Association of Health Facilities, ResCoalition
Affordable and Accessible Housing in California: Kris McCann
California Coalition for Long-Term Supports and Services: Jack Hailey, Government Action and Communication Institute (GACI)
Monday March 7, 2016

The final stretch.  We always save very compelling topics and speakers for the end of the conference to get you to stay for the whole conference.  We promise you won't want to miss these closing sessions.

First we have Stephen Bennett, President and CEO, United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) joining us for an update from the national office and reviewing their International work at UCP and he'll talk about the National Public Policy work coming out of Washington DC and their redesigned advocacy approach.  Finally, Mr. Bennett will be leaving UCP after a very successful long tenure and we of course couldn't let him go with recognizing him for his many contributions.  

Our next speakers will include three family members and  their journey to improve the California Self-Determination program and actually bring it back to life as a viable option.  Learn about their advocacy journey as well as what Self-Determination is, and will be in California.  Our speakers include: Connie and Harvey Lapin, Autism Society of Los Angeles, Parents, and Judy Marks, Autism Society of Los Angeles, Parent.

One of our most compelling panels of the day is the criminal justice panel where Greg deGiere, The Arc UCP California Collaborative, we will report on our latest state legislative effort (AB 1272 Grove) around victims with developmental disabilities, the latest from Leigh Ann Davis, Program Manager, Justice Initiatives, The National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability™ (NCCJD),The Arc of the United States, Olivia Balcoa, Senior Program Analyst, Association of Regional Center Agencies and their Forensics Project.  The panel will be moderated by Teresa Anderson, Moderator, The Arc California.
Monday March 7, 2016

Senator Holly Mitchell - The Courage Award
Senator Holly Mitchell - The Courage Award
Join us as we recognize Senator Holly Mitchell with The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy Courage Award.  This is a rare award given only occasionally to a policymaker who stands up and fights for people with developmental disabilities and their families in a moment when doing so may result in back lash or other consequences from powerful people.  It is one thing to support someone with others around but Senator Mitchell stood up alone for people with developmental disabilities in the final hour of the state budget deal in June last year and said this is wrong and I'm not going to support it.  She is an example of the courage people with disabilities must have to overcome the many barriers in their lives.

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