2016 save the date:
9th Annual IDD Policy Conference
March 6 - 8, 2016
Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza Hotel
300 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814 
Hosted by The Arc and UCP California Collaboration
Sunday March 6 through Tuesday March 8, 2016

Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza Hotel
300 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814 

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30 Year Anniversary
  The Arc CA v DDS
1985 Supreme Court Decision 

Tuesday March 10, 2015 
9:00 am to 10 am 
Traffic Circle Facing the Stanley Mosk statue
Stanley Mosk, Supreme Court Justice 1912-2001

Assembly Member Jose Medina (D - Riverside) speaks in support of the Lanterman Act and the importance of community programs.

Senator Hanna-Beth Jackson.

ShannonGrove 30YearAnniversary 
Watch Assembly Member Shannon Grove 

Ledy 30YearAnniversary 
Libby 30YearAnniversary

JacquieDillard 30YearAnniversary 
 Dillard 30YearAnniversary

Richard Fitzmaurice, President The Arc California

Tony Anderson, Executive Director, The Arc California

Assembly Member Shannon Grove

Jim Baldwin, CEO The Arc Bakersfield

Chad Carlock, Esq.
Attorney for The Arc California

Group Photo with the statue of Justice Stanley Mosk

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Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza,
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Photos of Last Year's Conference
Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza, 300 J Street,Sacramento, CA 95814

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What an incredible conference!  Eventually we sold out the house by Monday afternoon.  Look for our save the date announcements and early bird registrations by the end of the year in 2015. 

This page will allow you to relive the entire conference and view the handouts and PowerPoints (many of which were not in your conference bags). See you again next year, and don't forget, I want to see those Lanterman Act books we gave you looking well read and wore out!

If you didn't get a chance to be at the 2015 conference now you can experience almost the whole event here on this webpage. 

Sunday March 8, 2015

The conference was kicked off with a presentation by Tony Anderson on the "10 Campaign" followed by a panel of Lanterman Coalition members (Dwight Hansen, The Alliance, Connie Lapin, Autism Society, Eileen Richey, Assocaition of Regional Center Agencies, Kevin Rath, CA Respite Assocation).  

Arc of Calif Policy Conference Session 1 
Lanterman Coalition Presentation 
The next speaker was former long time legislative staffer and Assembly woman from the East Bay's 14th District, Dion Aroner, who talked about our past victories and significant moments in the California Developmental Services history. 
Session 2 -  Arc of Calif Policy Conference - March 2015
Dion Aroner: Session 2

Next we had a great presentation on the status of the Early Start program in California, a history of important milestones for early start policies, and the latest developments and progress of the California babies.  Marie Poulsen, Ph.D. of the USC UCED, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, has focused her work "on building resilience in infants and young children at risk due to biological and psychosocial circumstances" and much more.

Sunday March 8, 2015

After our guests got settled in for lunch we honored Bob Perrotti, former President of The Arc California, during "The Arc v DDS" lawsuit that saved the Lanterman Act entitlement 30 years ago, for a lifetime of advocacy for people with developmental disabilities.  Barbara Maizie knew Bob for many years and presented the award post humously and Pastor Betty Clark, President of The Arc Alameda received the award for him. 
Bob Perrotti Award
Bob Perrotti Award

Our keynote lunch speaker was 
Laura Brackin, Ph.D. who presented on a very important policy change on the new Home and Community Based Services setting rules set by the Center for MediCaid and MediCare Services (CMS). Dr. Brackin is the former state chapter Executive Director for The Arc of Louisiana, and former Director of the Louisiana Department of Developmental Services.
Arc of California Lunch Presentation - Laura Brackin 
Lunch Keynote - CMS New Rules with
Laura Brackin, Ph.D.
Sunday March 8, 2015
1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
The afternoon program opened with re-known advocate, Ari Ne'eman, Director of the Autistic Self-Advocate Network (ASAN), as he gave an update on his organization's policy priorities.  He does an amazing job and really captures the audience's attention.

Ari Ne'eman Presentaton
Ari Ne'eman Presentaton

Ari then joined us on a wonderful panel of experts who addressed questions touching on conservatorship policies, futures planning, advanced directives, supported decision making, self-advocacy, and more. 

The panel included thoughtful policy experts Judy Thomas, Director California Compassionate Care Coalition, and Laurel Mildred, Mildred Consulting, authors of "Thinking Ahead Matters: Supporting and Improving Healthcare Decision-making and End-of-Life Planning for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities", Tom Coleman, Legal Director and Nora Baladarian, Ph.D., of Disability and Abuse Project, Spectrum Institute, Ari Ne'eman and Samantha Crane, Director of Public Policy, discussing the concept and benefits of Supported Decision Making, and Melissa Crisp-Cooper faculty for the Office of Developmental Primary Care, UCSF, who gave the perfect closing statement for this important panel. 
Arc of Calif Conservatorship Panel March 2015
Panel on Supported Decision Making, Conservatorship Policy, and Futures Planning


Following this panel we enjoyed a great presentation by Marty Omoto, Director and Community Organizer for the California Disability Community Action Network, highlighting important court cases and the role courts play in shaping disability policy.

Arc of Calif Marty Omoto March 2015
Marty Omoto, CDCAN:  
The Role of the Courts in Disability Policy
Ron Brown, President of The Arc United States, gave us a great run down of national initiatives from The Arc of the United States and public policy priorities.  He also gave his view and appreciate as a father of a daughter with a developmental disability and a message of hope for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in this country.   

Arc of Calif Ron Brown March 2015
Ron Brown, President of The Arc of the United States
Sunday March 8, 2015
Mr. Wesley Chesbro

We ended the day with drinks and hors d'oeuvres, recognizing and honoring Wesley Chesbro, former Senator and Assembly member, for his many important contributions to the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  Mr. Chesbro gave a great speech remembering many important moments during his tenure and took questions from the advocates as he always did when he was the budget chair.

Arc of Calif Chesbro March 2015
Wesley Chesbro
"Lifetime Achievement Award"

Monday March 9, 2015

One of our favorite repeat presenters, Scott Graves, the Director of Research at the California Budget and Policy Center, gave a great overview on the current state of of the state budget. 
Arc of Calif Scott Graves March 2015
Scott Graves,
California Budget and Policy Center

Assemblymember Shirley Weber, Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, was recognized for her advocacy for our community with our Leadership for Change Award".  She gave a great speech and received much appreciation and applause especially when she told the advocates that this year the "Calvary is Coming" acknowledging the terrible cuts and the need for for a budget increase.

Arc of Calif Shirley Weber - Leadership for Change Award - March 2015
Assembly member Dr. Shirley Weber
"Leadership for Change Award"

Rashi Kersarwani, from the Legislative Analyst Office, followed Dr. Weber, and gave a little more detail on the budget especially as it relates to the Department of Developmental Services.  (sorry there was no PowerPoint or video for this presentation).  She did reference their Budget Report and brought additional Fact Book statistics.

Senator Jim Beall, Jr. was recognized as our "Legislator of the Year" where he gave a very moving and motivating speech as a "Giant" in our community.  Senator Beall has been a true champion again for people with developmental disabilities and their families, holding the informational hearing in Los Angeles of Oct 2014, authoring a sign-on letter shortly after urging for reform in funding the system, speaking in favor of reforming the rates in committee hearings, personally supporting the appointment of Director Santi Rogers, attending rallies in support of developmental services, and authoring a sign-on letter for a 10% signed by 37 legislators and counting...

Lanterman Coalition Rally March 2015
Senator Jim Beall, Jr. at the Lanterman Coalition Rally March 2015
We ended the morning session with an important policy discussion on major changes and developments related to work for people with disabilities by Joe Xavier, the Director of the Department of Rehabilitation.  Mr. Xavier, is truly an inspirational leader for our community and focused on improving employment outcomes for all people with disabilities in California.  The state is in the middle of major system changes relayed to from from the re-authorization Work Innovations and Opportunities Act, the California Promise Grant, and the ground breaking memo of understanding across three major departments to improve employment
The Department of Rehabilitation
Monday March 9, 2015

Upon his one year anniversary as the Director of the Department of Developmental Services Mr. Santi Rogers provided an energetic and passionate address.  He was there when many of the major milestones were achieved in our system and he gave the audience a thorough review of many important touch points in our history.  As always he brought the Lanterman Act with him, as he carries it where ever he goes, but this time he also brought one for all the advocates in attendance.  Director Rogers has over 45 years of service to people with intellectual and all developmental disabilities and their families with early connections to The Arc San Joaquin where he spent his early years.   Check out this video of his keynote.
Arc of Calif - Santi Rogers - March 2015
Santi Rogers, Director of Department of Developmental Services
Lunch Keynote March 9, 2015
Monday March 9, 2015

The worst part about the breakouts is that you have to choose which one you'll attend.  All are very important and packed with rich opportunities to learn from experts on topics such as the ABLE Act,
Self-Determination, and Health Services and Advocacy.  If that wasn't hard enough in the second set of breakout you have to choose from Updates on Supported Living Service Changes, and Managed Care experiences in the nation.

ABLE Act with Stephen Dale of the dale Law Firm:
Arc of Calif Policy Conference   Stephen W Dale   ABLE Act   March 2015
Stephen W. Dale ABLE Act

Self-Determination Program with Jim Knight
, Assistant Deputy Director, Department of Developmental Services:


Coordinated Approaches to Health Service, Dr. Clarissa Kripke, Office of Developmental Primary Care, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of California, San Francisco.
Monday March 9, 2015

Following the breakouts we honored Assembly
Assembly member
Brian Maienschein
member Brian Maienschein for his great advocacy work in Assembly especially regarding his work in the areas of improving employment outcomes and fighting for justice for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community.

Next on our program was Stephen Bennett, the CEO of the National United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) office who gave of of the most popular talks of the conference as he brought the results of a study by UCP on what's the most effective way to talk to people about the needs of people with developmental disabilities. 

Then Chad Carlock, Esq., gave a great overview of the victory of The Arc, UCP v Douglas, Delgadillo, lawsuit and impact on our community.  The video below includes both speeches.
Arc of Calif - Chad Carlock - March 2015
Stephen Bennett, Executive Director United Cerebral Palsy and
Chad Carlock, Esq. Legal Counsel for
The Arc et al v Douglas et al.

Our final topic for the conference was organized by Teresa Anderson featuring Leigh Ann Davis from The Arc of the United States, National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability™ (NCCJD).  This was a great talk and as you'll see the audience had so many questions and comments on this topic it could have gone on all night.

Arc of Calif - Leigh Ann Davis -Justice Initiatives - March 2015
Leigh Ann Davis, The National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability™ (NCCJD)
Monday March 9, 2015
Senator Fran Pavley

We ended the conference with a recognition of Senator Fran Pavley for her legislative advocacy for our community especially regarding her work to improve employment outcomes and to address crime against people with disabilities.
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