Event Date: March 8 - 10, 2015
The 8th Annual Developmental Disabilities Public Policy Conference
Hosted by The Arc and UCP California Collaboration
Sunday March 8 through Tuesday March 10, 2015

Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza Hotel
300 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814 
The Count Down:
Conference Begins: Sunday March 7, 2015
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Commemorating Rally 
30 Year Anniversary  
The Arc CA v DDS
1985 Supreme Court Decision 

Tuesday March 10, 2015 
9:00 am to 10 am 
Traffic Circle Facing the Stanley Mosk statue
Stanley Mosk, Supreme Court Justice 1912-2001

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Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza,
300 J Street,
Sacramento, CA 95814


Call 1-877-834-3613  or (916) 446-0100 (front desk). 

Rooms may still be available but Our Room Block is Sold Out
There are so many major policy changes occurring in our community today you won't want to miss this opportunity to learn about and discuss almost of them in one place.  You'll meet leading policymakers, IDD policy advocates, and legislators who have championed policy ideas to benefit our community.

Non-Member Conference Registration
Full Conference Package: $462 

One Day Only $240
Lunch Only: $72

Members Only: Conference Registration
Full Conference Package: $390

One Day Only: $204
Lunch Only: $60

Limited scholarships available for self-advocates and family members who need them.
Applicantion Closed on February 20, 2015 
See the draft of the program - it is only a draft and will definitely change in a couple presentations.
DRAFT PROGRAM - Updated February 5, 2015
Sunday March 8, 2015
8:30 am to 11:50 am
The conference kicks off with a presentation from a panel of Lanterman Coalition members on the "10 Campaign". 

Then get ready for an inspiring review of past legislative champions and policy victories for our community by Dion Aroner, former long time legislative staff and Assembly woman from the East Bay's 14th District. 

Next you'll learn about the state of California's early start outcomes for infants and their families from Marie Poulsen, Ph.D. of the USC UCED, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, whose "work focuses on building resilience in infants and young children at risk due to biological and psychosocial circumstances" and much more.  She that rare form of incredible clinician and advocate who has a real passion for infants and toddlers in our community.

Sunday March 8, 2015null
12 pm to 1:30 pm
Get your lunch and enjoy the program as we start by honoring Bob Perrotti, former President of The Arc California, during "The Arc v DDS" lawsuit that saved the Lanterman Act entitlement 30 years ago, for a lifetime of advocacy for people with developmental disabilities.

Next prepare to dig in to a very important policy presentation on the
new HCBS settings rules set by the Center for MediCaid and MediCare Services (CMS).  Laura Brackin, Ph.D. will take you through these regulatory rule changes with ease and clarity showing how other states are also wrestling with this change process. Dr. Brackin is the former state chapter Executive Director for The Arc of Louisiana, and former Director of the Louisianan Department of Developmental Services.
Sunday March 8, 2015
1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
The afternoon program will open with re-known advocate, Ari Ne'eman, Director of the Autistic Self-Advocate Network (ASAN), as he gives up an update on his organization's policy priorities.  Then he joins a wonderful panel of experts who will address questions touching on conservatorship policies, futures planning, advanced directives, supported decision making, self-advocacy, and more

The panel includes thoughtful policy experts Judy Thomas, Director California Compassionate Care Coalition, and Laurel Mildred, Mildred Consulting, authors of "Thinking Ahead Matters: Supporting and Improving Healthcare Decision-making and End-of-Life Planning for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities", Tom Coleman, Legal Director and Nora Baladarian, Ph.D., of Disability and Abuse Project, Spectrum Institute, and Melissa Crisp-Cooper faculty for the Office of Developmental Primary Care, UCSF. 


At 3:15 pm we get ready for Marty Omoto, one of the top California advocates for people with disabilities and seniors as he highlights important cases in courts that impact people with disabilities. 

We end the day with a real treat, as our friend and President of The Arc United States, Ron Brown, gives us a run down of national initiatives and his view and hope for the future for his daughter and all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in this country.    

Sunday March 8, 2015
Mr. Wesley Chesbro

We be recognizing and honoring Wesley Chesbro, former Senator and Assembly member, for his many important contributions to the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  Join us in thanking Mr. Chesbro for dedicating much of his legislative career to our community.
Monday March 9, 2015

Have breakfast with your friends and join us first thing Monday morning at 8:30 am as The Arc California President Dick Fitzmaurice kicks off the morning with an overview then we go right into the policy conversations.

One of our favorite repeat presenters, Scott Graves, the Director of Research at the California Budget Project, will kick off the morning policy discussions with the current state of of the state budget.  Mr. Graves is consistently ranked as one of our top speakers for the conference.  The audience finds him easy to understand though he speaks on complex policy issues.

Assemblymember Shirley Weber, Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, will be recognized for her advocacy for our community and will address the audience with an update from the budget committee.  If you haven't heard Dr. Weber speak you'll soon find out that she is truly an inspiring and thoughtful legislator and very knowledgeable about the needs of our community.

Next, and back by popular demand, is Rashi Kersarwani, from the Legislative Analyst Office, who will drill down a little closer to cover the state of the state budget and the department of developmental services and other relevant department budgets.

Senator JIm Beall, our 2014 "Legislator of the Year" and most recognized champion for people with developmental disabilities in the legislature, will be recognized for his contributions and address the audience with his insights into the advocacy needed this year.

We end the morning session with an important policy discussion on major changes and developments related to work for people with disabilities by Joe Xavier, the Director of the Department of Rehabilitation.  Mr. Xavier, is truly an inspirational leader for our community and focused on improving employment outcomes for all people with disabilities in California.  The state is in the middle of major system changes relayed to from from the re-authorization Work Innovations and Opportunities Act, the California Promise Grant, and the ground breaking memo of understanding across three major departments to improve employment.  Come hear Joe Xavier and ask questions about how this changes impact you.
Santi Rogers, DDS Director
Monday March 9, 2015

Join us for what is sure to be an energetic and passionate address by Santi Rogers, Director of the California Department of Developmental Services.  Director Rogers has over 45 years of service to people with intellectual and all developmental disabilities and their families with early connections to The Arc San Joaquin where he spent his
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early years. 

Warning: be alert
and pay attention as Mr. Rogers is always knows for "being real" with his audiences and revealing important directions and priorities for his department 
Monday March 9, 2015
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This year we are mixing things up a little.  We've scheduled 6 very compelling breakouts following the keynote lunch.

The worst part about the breakouts is that you have to choose which one you'll attend.  All are very important and packed with rich opportunities to learn from experts on topics such as the ABLE Act, Self-Determination, and Health Services and Advocacy.  If that wasn't hard enough in the second set of breakout you have to choose from Updates on In-Home Support Services, Supported Living Service Changes, and Managed Care experiences in the nation. 
Monday March 9, 2015
Event Sponsor

After the breakout we come back together for our finale of all star presenters.  Starting with a recognition of the great advocacy work of Assembly member Brian Mainschein in the area of work and criminal justice for our community.

We then feature prominent national speakers, Connie Gardner and Stephen Bennett from the National UCP office.  Connie Garner has been a long time policy advisory to some of the iconic congressional leaders such as Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Tom Harkin just to name a couple of authors of important disability legislation and of course Stephen Bennett is the dynamic forward thinking leader of United Cerebral Palsy in the nation.

Next we have the Acting Director of the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Sue Swenson (just received notice that Ms. Swenson may be unavailable to attend due to her "acting director" status - stayed tuned).  Then We have Chad Carlock one of our able counselors to talk about the The Arc California et al. v Douglas et al. and implications for our community.

Saving a very special treat for the end, as Teresa Anderson presents Leigh Ann Davis from The Arc of the United States National Center on Justice and Disability will talk about the national initiatives.

The Arc California Dick Fitzmaurice will close the session and we'll have very special cocktail reception.
Monday March 9, 2015
Senator Fran Pavley

Join us as we recognize Senator Fran Pavley for her legislative advocacy for our community and celebrate the legislative victories from last session to improve employment outcomes and to address crime against people with disabilities.

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8th Annual Developmental Disabilities Public Policy Conference

At the Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza, 300 J Street, Sacramento, CA, hosted by:

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