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1.    Day One Relationship Improvement Plan

2.    Day One Assessment Caring Relationships

3.    Day One Developing Teaching Reinforcement Competencies

4.    Day One Interest Inventory

5.    Day One ABCs Behavioral Technology


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Strategies To Empower People
The Arc Los Angeles and Orange County
The Arc Alameda
The Arc Ventura County
Jay Nolan Community
Creative Living Options
Arc Contra Costa
Futures Explored
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Alpha Resource Center Santa Barbara, a Chapter of The Arc
United Cerebral Palsy Sacramento and Northern California.
Harmony Home Associated

Sponsoring agencies have 25 registrations and receive private consultation from the Shift Happens team.  If you are associated with any of the sponsoring agencies contact them for potential partnership opportunities.
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Dear Tony,

Wow.  The response has been great for Shift Happens in Oakland and Los Angeles 2013, in fact both sites sold out.  Read through this page and learn more about Shift Happens in California and stay tuned, we'll be bringing it back next year, hopefully close to you.
The Shift event was a huge success in Sacramento and the excitement is building for the Shift in Los Angeles and Oakland.  People with disabilities and their families need and deserve "forward thinking, person-centered, energized people in their lives" and we'll be talking about how to get people and organizations to shift their thinking to unleash the power within us all to make that significant shift we so desperately need today.

See the locations and dates below (some dates and locations have been changed from the original announcement) followed by the
Jay Nolan Community Services:
Los Angeles November 4, 5, 2013
15501 San Fernando Mission Blvd., Mission Hills, CA 91346
Make shift happen in the Los Angeles region.  Jay Nolan Community Services has provided us with very nice  accommodations that encourages learning in a comfortable environment. The first day will include  80 people learning together the second day will be a little more focused on how organizations can make the changes they need to accomplish the highest quality service.  This will include some DSPs, management, and other leaders and will consist of just over half the attendees from the first day.  
Individual Registration Price: $100
Sponsor Price:
$ 2500 (includes consultation plus up to 25 registrations)

(Participating sponsors include The Arc Los Angeles and Orange County, The Arc Ventura, Alpha Resource Center, and Jay Nolan Community Services)

California Endowment: 
Oakland November 6, 2013.
1111 Broadway, 7th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607

Make shift happen in the Bay Area region.  The California Endowment has provided us with very nice professional accommodations that encourages learning in a comfortable environment in the middle of downtown Oakland, California. The first day will include up to 100 people learning together the second day is focused on how organizations can make the changes they need to accomplish the highest quality service.
California State University East Bay:  Oakland November 7, 2013.
California State University East Bay Conference Center  1000 Broadway, Suite 109, Oakland, CA 94607

Day two will include some DSPs, management, and other leaders and will consist of just over half the attendees from the first day.  
Individual Registration Price: $100
Sponsor Price:
$ 2500 (includes consultation plus up to 25 registrations)

(Participating sponsors include The Arc Fresno, The Arc Alameda, Creative Community Options, STEP, Harmony Home Associated, The Arc Contra Costa, and Futures Explored)
Shift Happens Schedule - Day One    
8:55             Call to order - Introductions


9:00-9:30    What is Shift Happens?


Learn about how Shift Happens has helped organizations make comprehensive, culture strengthening improvements, with a smile!


 A brief review of results which can be expected:


Expect these to reduce



Expect these to increase



Learning and growth

Untoward incidents










Workers compensation claims




Leaves due to injuries on the job


9:30-10:00    Shift Happens Part I -
People are good most of the time. This session aims to help people expect and look for the "good;" to be proactive, rather than to react with consequences and punishments.


10:15-11:15    Shift Happens Part II -
Relationships are the MOST important! Building on the idea of looking for and expecting the best of people, the focus becomes the critical importance of positive relationships.

Key Points:
1)    How to assess relationships?
2)    Caring tools.
3)    Relationship improvement plan.
4)    The caring chain.
5)    Caring competencies.

11:15-12:00    Shift Happens Part III -
The Most powerful tool you will ever need, yet few possess. Learn how to use praise and reinforcement to build relationships, improve learning and growth and to encourage positive behavior change.

Key Points:
1)    People are stingy.
2)    The magic ratio.
3)    Reinforcement "boot camp."
4)    Deliberate praise and reinforcement training.


 Live Demonstration - A national award winning DSP will lead a brief lesson/exercise with a small number of individuals from the local area in which she will demonstrate many of the Shift Happens' concepts.  A question and answer period will follow.

1:30-1:50    Shift Happens Part IV -
Boredom is enemy # 1. Engagement with person centered choices increase growth and learning while serving to prevent many behavioral difficulties and enabling people to grow beyond their behavioral histories.

Key Points:
1)    Interest inventory.
2)    Person centered planning and motivation.
3)    Person centered planning and Shift Happens interface including George's three phases of person centeredness.

1:50-2:20    Shift Happens Part V -
Putting science to work! Learn about using ABC Charts and functional assessments to objectively assess behavior.

Key Points:
1)    Charting behaviors.
2)    ABC Charts.
3)    Functional analysis and the MAS.


2:35-3:00    Shift Happens Part VI -
Putting the team back in teamwork. Effective positive behavioral supports require the input and cooperation of the entire team.  This session will present several tips for improving teamwork.

Key Points:
1)    A tale of two teams.
2)    Teamwork and innovation.
3)    Role release.

3:00-3:30    Shift Happens Part VII -
Let the Shift begin. During this session, attendees will identify priorities and priority areas of follow up and will set preliminary goals.

Pulling it all together. "Carol's Story" is an award winning video describing a person who was in and out of institutions well into middle age.  She entered one of Delarc's homes with a very troubled history of severe aggression towards other individuals and staff.  This brief video shows how the Shift Happens Model helped her transform her life.  Interviews with staff highlight the presented challenge, the degree of severity, the course of action, patience and teamwork that resulted in Carol being at peace with herself and a valued member of her community.

The video will be followed by a question and answer session which in turn will be followed by a review of the four critical questions raised at the beginning of the day.  An optional homework assignment will conclude Day One.

Shift Happens Schedule - Day Two     
The unique strength of Shift Happens is that it has developed progressive human relation practices to complement and assure the effectiveness of its philosophy and approach.  The People Power Leadership Model builds organizational core values and innovative techniques into recruitment, orientation, training, supervisory, time management, performance improvement and career advancement practices.

9:00-9:15    Review of Day One and results of homework assignment

9:15-9:30    Introduction to the People Power Leadership Model

Key Points:1)    What it takes to be a great leader.
2)    Three elements of culture.
3)    What it takes to be a values based organization.

9:30-10:15    People Power Part I -
Innovations in Recruitment. If we want people who share our core values, we have to hire people who already possess them.  This session emphasizes the critical importance of proper interviewing and offers a variety of techniques and tips.

Key Points:
1)    Developing outcome based job descriptions.
2)    Developing job profiles.


10:30-11:30    People Power Part I -
Innovations in Recruitment (continued)

Key Points:
3)    The rule of Four 3's.
4)    Hiring SEANs.
5)    Involve everyone.

11:30-12:00    People Power Part II -
Orientation where almost everyone blows it. Improving their employee orientation practices is one of those things many organizations know they should attend to, yet do not.  This session will explore the importance of a new type of orientation; one that is competency based, effective, challenging and fun.

Key Points:
1)    The 21 day rule.
2)    Working with my supervisor.
3)    Five questions to improve supervisory relationships.
4)    Vantage Point, a dynamic approach to employee orientation.
5)    Stages of employee development....the handiest staff development tool you will ever want.


12:45-1:15    People Power Part III -
Shifting from "in service training" to "in the course of service" training. As the nature of services changes from institutional care to community life, historical approaches to training must be reexamined and redesigned to meet current workforce needs.

Key Points:
1)    Problems with in service training.
2)    The challenge ever increasing regulations bring.
3)    Avoiding checklist mentality.
4)    Compliance has very little to do with quality.
5)    Supervisor as trainer.

1:15-2:00    People Power Part IV -
Shifting the supervisory paradigm. This session will show how to change the supervisory paradigm from that of supervisor as boss or foreman to supervisor as coach and supporter.

Key Points:
1)    Supervision is the key.
2)    Three questions to assess supervision.
3)    WSMs (weekly supervisory meeting) to the rescue.
4)    Supervisor as coach and supporter.
5)    Key elements of effective coaching.
6)    Performance evaluations....the number one complaint.
7)    A user friendly, positive alternative.
8)    Career development.  Is it training or discipline?  A user friendly diagnostic tool.

2:00-2:15    People Power Part V -
Time can be on your side
More so, than ever before, employees are overwhelmed by the workloads for which they are responsible.  While we cannot give them all an assistant, we can give them assistance by providing them with basic time management training.  This session will show how to improve productivity, communication and job satisfaction through appropriately designed time management training.

Key Points:
1)    Practical time management practices and their impact on productivity and job satisfaction.
2)    Personal time management.
3)    Career importance.
4)    Organizational impact.

2:15-2:30    People Power Part VI -
The energy of caring. We teach on our feet, not in a seat.  This session will show how to develop focused, energetic staff and how energy affects quality and job satisfaction.

Key Points:
1)    The importance of proper role modeling.
2)    Setting expectations.
3)    Observation and feedback.
4)    Assessing during the interview process.
5)    Caring and wellness.


2:45-3:00    People Power Part VII  -
Personal review and goal setting

 Team Planning. Teams will use the two minute assessment tool to identify common treads, set goals and establish priorities.

3:45-4:00    Concluding thoughts and final question and answer period.
The Arc Fresno

"Thanks to Shift Happens and Delarc, over the last two years Arc Fresno has changed from a good caring agency with typical problems to a great caring agency where problems have been reduced, quality has been enhanced and where the people served as well as those doing the serving are happier and more fulfilled. It has been a life-changing experience and process! And any time anyone gets the chance to hear George speak, they should grab it. QUICKLY!"  

Lori Ramirez, CEO , The Arc Fresno and Madera Counties
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